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Want to sell your Retail Business? Look no further. Biz Transfer has extensive experience and expertise in selling retail businesses.


Want top dollar for your business?


Here are two common tips:

  • Process and system: Good process ensures consistent customer experience and good system minimises your cost of sales and overheads. Think why franchise can replicate their success in different locations. Process and system can also make your business more transferrable and thus more valuable to the incoming owner.
  • Inventory: Get rid of deadstock and slow movers on a fire sale. Doing so will impress buyers as you are only holding in-demand stock, and this will illuminate any arguments over the valuation of your stock. Buyers typically make an offer based on Return on Investment, so a lower stock value will generally allow you to walk away with more dollars in your pocket.


Furthermore, if the buyer requires a loan for the purchase, the bank will look at investment in marketing more favourably than investment in stock.


As the most skilful and active retail business brokers in Sydney, we have accrued a big database of retail business buyers who are waiting for your business pitch. We know this is probably the first time you are selling a business, but this is the one time you must choose wisely as engaging with the wrong broker can burn critical selling time to no avail. Contact us so that we can show you how we are going to sell your business, how much you can realistically walk away with, and how much is our fees.


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