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Buying a business can be a breeze

Though our contractual obligation is with the business seller, this is not to be at the expense of business buyers, as nobody wants to see buyers bought the wrong business for themselves. So we always endeavour to give you information, respond to your questions and organize inspection meeting given we’ve qualified you as a serious buyer.

You will be deemed as a registered buyer once you signed our Non-Disclosure Agreement. Anytime we had a new business listed for sale, you will be emailed to with the advert plus some useful tips about buying a business.

Our Typical Buying Process

Initial Phone Chat

You read the ad, you are interested, so we call you to learn a bit about you and provide you with some broad information about the business but not as much so as to identify the business.

Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement

Read and sign our NDA online. It is a  prerequisite before we can share any confidential information with you.

Providing Information

We will send you a Business Profile immediately upon the completion of online NDA.

You are highly recommended to go through the details thoroughly and conduct some initial research.

Fact find meeting with the broker

Book a meeting to see us at our office, or a phone meeting if logistic is an issue.

It is important that you get additional info to do your analysis while we get more details about you to see if the business is the right fit for you.

Inspection Meeting

You liked everything so far, we checked our boxes about you, now we will organize an inspection meeting. This is your opportunity to inspect the business premises and meet the seller for further Q&A.

Written Offer

Once you and the seller comes to terms through us, we will help you to draw up a non-binding offer, and upon acceptance of such offer, the seller will instruct their solicitor to draft the Contract of Sale while you will be required to pay the purchase deposit.

Contract Exchange

Normally the seller will prepare a Contract of Sale and once the Contract of Sale is exchanged, the deal is sealed.


You and the seller will work together to meet the conditions of sale and perform other tasks, such as getting lease assigned to you, doing stock take etc. And on Settlement Date, you pay the balance of the total purchase price to finalize the deal.