DIY business sellers:

Do you want to learn about how to sell your business from an expert? As a successful business broker, I invite you to come to this exclusive seminar so that I can share a wealth of “secret” knowledge about how to sell your business with you. Believe me, I learnt my trade from 3 years of solid brokerage experience, and there are certain techniques that will work while others won’t. So register now to secure a seat, what I’ll do is simply to show you how I would go about selling your business, and after that, if you are determined to continue your DIY attempt, I don’t mean to pressure you. But if you’d like to hear about my service, I’d be more than happy to do a follow up chat or book another meeting at the end of the seminar. Look forward to seeing you!

29th May 2019 at 5:10pm

WOTSO meeting room “Tim Tam”,

5 George Street, North Strathfield.

2 hours free car park; OR, 6 minutes walk from the North Strathfield Train Station


“How to Sell My Business – with or without a broker”

You will learn:

  1. How to generate more enquiries with a reasonable marketing budget;
  2. How to probe perspective buyers and how to close the deal effectively;
  3. How to manage the deal pipeline efficiently;
  4. Basic business knowledge involved in dealing with buyer’s accountant, solicitor, finance broker and landlord to help you safeguard the deal right through to settlement.

AND so much more!

Not getting enough enquiries?

Business Sales work like a funnel, you cannot sell your business if you can’t generate enough interests on the market. You need to widen your marketing channels, price your business right and build impressive marketing materials.

Don’t know what’s on buyers’ mind?

Too many “tire kickers”? Or did you do something wrong? Let’s have a look at how a buyer assess businesses and what prompt them to act. Maybe they are indeed tire kickers, or maybe you’ve just missed the best opportunity with a serious buyer. Let me give you the insight.

Haven’t been following up diligently?

We all know persistence go a long way helping sell pretty much anything. I know you are busy, but what are some of the simple things you can do to make the selling process more efficient? Let me share with you some of my experience.

Buyer advisors talk buyers out of the deal?

Conservative accountants and solicitors trying to cover their back side, landlord doesn’t like the buyer’s business experience, lenders won’t approve buyer finance, the list goes on. Let me show you how to prevent all these hurdles stalling the deal.

Wanna sell your business? It’s great that you are making a good move which is to educate yourself. Selling your business is not fine wine and cheese, it doesn’t age well, so act now before you reached a stage where you had to sell under pressure.” – Robert Su